The production and economic center “Pyramid” carries out works on repair, installation, reconstruction and modernization, adjustment of power equipment of atomic, thermal and hydroelectric power stations

The staff of the firm has experience in repair work on the equipment of nuclear power plants of the Soviet Union

We carry out works at thermal power plants of Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Macedonia, Greece, the Republic of Bangladesh and at the hydroelectric power stations of Poland

VGP “Pyramid” carries out works at the nuclear power plants of Ukraine: Khmelnitsky NPP, Chernobyl AEZ, Zaporizhzhya AES, Yuzhnoukrainsk AES, Centrumhelektro, Lvivoblenergo, Zakhidmegelektro of Ukraine, as well as “EESTI ENERGIA” in Estonia

In order to achieve safe operation of the equipment being repaired, the quality system operates on the basis of the standard DSTU, ISO 9002