Complex of services for maintenance of electrical equipment of power plants

Equipment and materials

  • A complete range of spare parts and devices for the equipment manufactured by Elektrosila JSC
  • Special Materials and Components
  • Accessories and devices for the modernization of turbines and hydrogenerators in power plants in order to increase their service life, power and reliability rrgjfdhgfg
  • Component products and devices for repairs of stator and rotor turbine generators under power plants
  • Component products and devices for the modernization of excitation and terrestrial devices

Complex specialized repair

  • Removal of insulation damage of frontal parts of stator windings without pulling out rods
  • Eliminating the damages of active steel turbine and hydrogenerator stators
  • Repair and adjustment of hydrogen seals of the ring and end type of shaft of the generator


  • Isolation of connection of rods of stator windings and connecting tires to silicon-based materials
  • Stator windings for new thermosetting class F terminals with modernized front-end mounting system
  • Sealage of end-type shaft on modern sealing of shaft of circular type
  • Electro-turbine generator excitation systems on single-stage static systems with microprocessor control and control


  • Designs for fastening and improving the reliability of the water cooler collectors and outboard bus windings of stator turbine generators under power plants
  • Systems of heat control of winding stators of turbogenerators with installation of resistance thermometers on drains of distillate from rods

Work on power plants

  • Installing equipment on installation sites
  • Major Equipment Repair
  • Intermediate and current repair of the equipment or its parts

service systems for excitation systems

  • Adjustment and testing of equipment
  • Upgrading and repairing all excitation systems
  • Supply of spare parts for the equipment

Engineering services

  • Technical Guidance
    • when mounting and debugging
    • Upgrading turbo and hydrogenerators
    • when detecting and removing spillage points in hydrogen and water cooled generators
    • Thermal testing of equipment or its parts
    • Installing Exhaust Systems in Full Volume Equipment


  • Ventilation systems to increase power output in the range of 5-15% and reduce the temperature of the rotor:
    • Sealing of current-carrying bolts with a bolt insulation amine when modernizing turbo and hydrogenerators
    • Bridging contact apparatusTest testing of equipment or parts of it


  • Hermetic connection of the middle and final parts of the seating casing, the implementation of the gas seam joint and the sealing of the bolted joints.